How does the

Flyboy Fundraising

Program work?

Sell Artisan Roasted Flyboy Coffee

Sell artisan roasted coffee available in whole bean, ground, or K-cups.  Flyboy Coffee  beans are sourced from all over the world and roasted in in small batches every week to order.  Want your group's name and logo on your coffee? We also offer private labeling.

Sell Flyboy Donut Gift Cards

Sioux Falls area groups can also sell giftcards for Flyboy Donuts. No need to handle fresh donuts and people can use their giftcards at either shop in Sioux Falls anytime.  

Sell Gourmet Fudge

Out of state sellers also have the option of selling premium homemade fudge from Young and Richards along with coffee. Coffee and chocolate? Who can say no to that? 

Our fundraising program can be a quick, easy, and fun way to earn money for your organization.
No up front expenses, no minimum orders, and your group is assured a 35% profit on all sales.


PHONE 605-321-5259 or 888-884-5282